FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions


  • Q: What type of cleaning services do you offer?
  • A: We provide office cleaning, restaurant cleaning, store cleaning / boutique cleaning / retail cleaning, cleaning of stairs etc.
  • Q: How much does your cleaning cost?
  • A: As a starting point, a cleaning price estimate requires an inspection at a given location, a so-called cleaning meeting. Our prices are based on the amount of time.
  • Q: What does a cleaning meeting / inspection involve?
  • A: This means that we come out and see your location where the cleaning is to be performed. Below we get a tour and we sit down briefly and concretize your needs. 
  • Q: How long does a cleaning session take?
  • A: Often a cleaning meeting takes half an hour. It depends on the size of the location and the subsequent coverage of needs.

DUUO: Environment and Sustainability

  • Q: Is DUUO an environmentally conscious company? 
  • A: Our industry has historically had a hard time, as we use chemicals, and water is discharged from laundry. At DUUO, we do everything we can to change the industry and reduce our CO2 footprint. We are working towards becoming CO2-neutral. 
  • Q: How do you try to become CO2 neutral / reduce your CO2 emissions?
  • A: We use bicycle delivery for all our customers in Greater Copenhagen, so when we deliver clothes and mops, it is done with bicycles and not cars. In addition, we have internal laundry so we avoid trucks picking up and bringing our rags and mops. We buy organic t-shirts from Makershirt, whose production is made to reduce water and CO2 emissions, and is produced without the use of polluting chemicals and harmful pesticides.
  • Q: Do you use environmentally friendly products?
  • A: 98% of our products are Nordic Ecolabelled. We strive to become 100% Nordic Ecolabelled within the next year.

Cooperation with Din Akkreditering

  • Q: How do you make sure that your cleaning lives up to certain high standards?
  • A: We collaborate with Din Akkreditering, which helps healthcare professionals and clinics to live up to all requirements to be accredited according to the Danish Quality Model (DDKM). In collaboration with Simon, we ensure that clinics receive cleaning that lives up to NiR and DKM. Visit DinAkkreditering to read more:

Window Cleaning

  • Q: How much does a window cleaning cost?
  • A: It depends a lot on a number of factors, e.g. how many windows there are, how much driving there is to the location, type of windows, etc. If it is a window with, for example, double layers, or if it is difficult to access the window, a lift must be used to access them, or must it be plastered after a construction project where the windows are extra dirty and the dirt is extra tight. 
  • Q: Where in Denmark do you offer window cleaning?
  • A: Mainly on Zealand. We also perform window cleaning in Jutland in some areas, as we clean windows for e.g. chains like Vivaldi, which has stores all over Denmark.
  • Q: What types of window cleaning do you perform?
  • A: We perform window cleaning for restaurants, shops, offices, for this we use clean water systems (water system), ladder, shafting, etc. However, we are old-fashioned and we believe the best result is performed in the good old manual way, without water system. 
  • Q: Performing in Window Washing for Private (B2C)?
  • A: We only perform window cleaning for businesses (B2B)


  • Q: What types of services does DUUO offer within handyman services?
  • A: All tasks that a craftsman (carpenter, plumber, electrician) are too big or expensive to solve.  
  • Q: Why do you call it handy(hu)man services?
  • A: We have women employed in our staff, and try to include them by using a word other than handyman. We therefore use terms such as handy people, handy humans, handy services etc.  
  • Q: How do your handy services work?
  • A: You can define your needs with us or just send us a list of things to fix at your workplace. This can be setting up whiteboards, screens, painting, plastering or if you need to move. We do most things, but it often requires us to define your needs together via a brief meeting. 
  • Q: Do you have carpenters, plumbers or electricians?
  • A: No, but we use a fixed team of good subcontractors, and we always make you aware before starting a task. 

Office Hero: Piccoline/Piccolo services

  • Q: What types of services do your office assistants / piccolo / piccoline perform? 
  • A: Almost everything you or your office needs to be able to drive around on a daily basis. Including: setting up or removing lunch, watering flowers, preparing meeting rooms, purchasing snacks, etc.
  • Q: What is the price of an Office Hero (office assistance)? 
  • A: Det kommer an på, hvilket tidspunkt og til hvilke konkrete opgaver, I har brug for vores kontorhjælper. Timeprisen varierer fra 220 kr. to 260 kr. ex moms. 
  • Q: Where in Denmark do your office assistants operate?
  • A: Mainly in Copenhagen and sometimes Greater Copenhagen. Our office assistants are often between 18-25 years old, and drive to and from location by bike.