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Part- or full time

Driver's license

Are you ready to modernize the FM industry?

Do you want to work as a handyman or -woman? Join and be a part of our handy team and start your career in an informal startup environment.

DUUO supports companies’ everyday life and helps companies fully focus on the core business.

We create the best conditions for a company's talents to thrive and to be able to perform. This makes room for increased productivity, happy and connected employees. We do this by offering a wide range of facility services, such as cleaning, window cleaning, office assistance, and handy services. In short, we serve our customers with all the daily chores that they do not have the skills and / or time to perform, or where the time is simply better spent by letting us handle the task.

The cleaning industry is competitive. However, we have managed to stand out through a modern approach to the industry, including a focus on sustainability, the environment and CSR, as well as a high service level, quick response time and well-established communication.

Our values


We act rather than react. We are problem solvers and quick to act, but we constantly work on being one step ahead of challenges rather than merely reacting to them.


We are transparent by nature and strive to be as open as possible regarding our business and operations. We believe that full disclosure fosters trust.


We value both people and the planet. We understand and accept that ideas can differ from our own. Respect, for us, is about understanding, listening, giving, and receiving.


We believe in ourselves, our customers, and our services. We believe in taking ownership and that we can succeed. If we don't know something, we will learn it.


Caring about our employees' and customers' well-being, for us, means having the best possible workplace for our employees as well as our customers.

About working as a Handyman / Handywoman

The job as a handyman / handywoman takes place in Copenhagen and the surrounding area and involves handyman tasks for our many different customers. The tasks fluctuate a lot, so there are virtually no days that are the same. You will be part of a young and dynamic handy team, led by Partner and Director, Thomas Strøyberg. 

You are our candidate if you...

  1. Speak/understand Danish or English
  2. Have a driver's license
  3. You are handy by nature
  4. Has experience in a craft (huge plus, not a requirement)

Tasks involve

  1. Tasks involve
  2. Assemble office furniture (large / tables, etc.)
  3. Minor electrical tasks
  4. Minor plumbing tasks
  5. Minor carpentry tasks
  6. Moving tasks (sometimes heavy lifting)

A handy work day?

Take a look at what our work tasks, as a handyman or -woman, can involve:

Lydisolering af kontor
Ad hoc kontoropsætning
Tasks involve
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Handyman / Handywoman